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Color Masterbatches
Polymer Plastics is at the forefront of plastic color concentrates, state-of-the-art pigment concentration and additive technology. We’ve spent enormous time developing partnerships with the world’s top materials suppliers, who keep us in-the-know about the latest high-quality plastic colorant offerings. Once these materials are sourced and formulated, our comprehensive testing ensures that the masterbatch meets application requirements over time, every time.

    Coloron color masterbatches allow our clients to:
  • Achieve consistent results.
  • Increase quality control, product consistency and customer satisfaction.
  • Save cost through reducing pigment use by 10-25% through full dispersion.
  • Eliminate the need for strict color rotation.
  • Reduce the need for aggressive processing equipment through full dispersion.
  • Maintain cleaner facilities with reduction in health, safety and environmental issues.
  • Provide excellent heat resistance and excessive light fastness.
Our Products
Our specialty is to disperse pigment and different types of additive into a polymer carrier. The core business is Masterbatch, and we can supply all different types, all from a pure colour Masterbatch to more technical Masterbatches.
Manufacturing Strategy
Our philosophy of manufacture is to be so efficient and flexible in our production and administration that we will our selves, as well as our customers, competitive in the market...
Quality & Enviroment  
Quality management has always had a high priority for Polymer Plastic. The company is in the process of achieving the quality certificate ISO9001. Quality policy is to always be in the front line and the market fast adoption of new quality improving techniques by utilizing all the opportunities offered by and today’s.. Read More
Our Services  
Coloron masterbatches are used in almost every polymer, plastic process and application.  We have great depth in monolayer, coextruded and other films, as well as in blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming, among other processes.... Read More
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